The Journey Continues…

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Wow…I haven’t written a post since 2012. I can’t say that I have lost my passion, or didn’t have the inspiration to write, but life sort of..happened. SO much has happened in this two year span. Obama was re-elected, Hunger Games was released and so was the iPhone5, yes it has been THAT long. Personally, I moved from DC back to my hometown of NYC, began a new career and got married to the love of my life. I have had this urge to get back to blogging for a while, and tonight I finally had the chance to breathe. With all that said- I am glad to be continuing this part of my journey.


My favorite IG snap on my special day

My favorite IG snap on my special day

Zara Home

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Today is the launch of the much anticipated “ZARA HOME” collection.  If you are fan of the Spanish based retailer as much as I am, you know they will have some exciting options to choose from. Take a peek at some of the lookbook images below, then go to for the full line of merchandise



Raf Simons for Dior S/S 2013

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Raf made his debut for Dior at Paris Fashion week yesterday. After reading comments from different blog sites, I have gathered that the regular folks still have mixed feelings. says that “according to the show notes—and Raf’s own words—the key descriptor for this new era at Dior is “freedom.” But freedom from all restraint ultimately leads to the excess of self-destruction. What we saw today, by contrast, suggested an appreciation of the power of limits. How much more inspiring is discipline than free rein. That much was already clear, by the way, in the dress rehearsal that was Simons’ Couture show in July.”

Raf definitely tried to keep the classic dior woman in mind, and then gave her some cool. He changed the infamous hour-glass shape on most pieces, but still made sure the collection gave us the elegance and grace that Dior is known for. Here are a few of my favorite looks:






(I do not own or claim rights to the photos on this blog ect ect)

Fall Shopping List: Leather Pants

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We are in the second week of September and I have not even gotten close to finishing my fall wardrobe shopping. First on the list is this season’s biggest trend “leather pants” My mother brought a pair for me from Little Italy in NYC years ago when that was the go-to area to purchase custom leather and for a great price too. I unfortunately did not appreciate my mother’s sense of style and let her put them in the donation pile. Can you say-kicking myself! Now I’m on the quest to purchase the perfect pair- not too tight and certainly not to baggy. I will keep you updated on my final purchase!





MBFW: Favorite Moments via Instagram

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Sunday Styles: Snapbacks Edition

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The ‘Cuse

Keith Haring x Obey


Just*Don  custom

..”Made a yankees cap, more famous than a yankee can”…

@KellsMania Harlem Haberdashery








The September Issue

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Technically being a September Issue myself (My Birthday is September 11) I can understand what all the excitement is about this month. Even though the Fashion Bibles hit the stands mid August, we don’t fully see the trends start to hit the streets until September right in line with fashion week. With that being said if you haven’t done your research yet on the trends, or at least skimmed through a September Issued fashion publication, please march over to your nearest stand/bookstore and do so. I have complied a few magazine covers for you to familiarize yourself with below. And don’ t fret, next week I will be listing the top trends of the season!

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Website Wednesday:

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I can literally spend hours online, shopping, researching, and finding inspiration. This site gets at least 30 minutes a day from me I must admit. I stumbled upon some time ago while trying to create a look online and was directed to this site via google. It is basically a paper doll motif for grown folks. You can choose your model and background and there is a wardrobe selection from Alexander Wang to Zadig&Voltaire. Go to to brainstorm ideas or try  on clothes virtually at 1 am in the morning. Check out two looks I pulled together quickly…..

The ability to save a look is no longer an option 😦



The possibilities are endless!!

I Obsess: The Midi Ring & Nail Armor

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One Luv…

Although this trend has been around for a while, I am still obsessing. Celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce, Rita Ora, and Nicole Richie have all worn them, displaying their own unique twist to the trend. With only one in my current collection, of course I am not satisfied. After doing numerous searches for midi ring, ring for first knuckle, and nail ring, I ended up with plenty of great resources. I plan on ordering a few from etsy (one of my favorite sites for handmade items) and pairing with dainty bracelets and a fresh manicure.

My girl Nicole showcasing Bijules :: She makes it look so easy

Love:: By Christine Domanic

Jenifer Le: Killed it or Overkill??

Surraya Starr Styled It : Draya @ “The Do Something Awards”

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The Do Something Awards were held last week in Santa Monica, CA.

The lineup included the likes of Lea Michelle, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and Will.I.AM. Your typical reality tv stars were also in attendance. I am not a huge viewer of reality tv (unless it’s a DIY home show) but I did recognize Draya from Basketball Wives.

Her selection of shoes by Monika Chiang, were a total match for her personality. I believe that if she went with a less textured dress, like the BCBG strapless shown below, it could have made the shoes more of a statement piece. Pairing the outfit with a turquoise necklace, and stackable bracelets with a rope motif tones the look down.

draya starr styled

draya starr styled by surrayastarrstyles featuring a chain bracelet